Friday, April 8, 2011

Desktop Gadgets - An Old School Classic

Desktop Gadgets When it comes to games that were popular in your childhood it is hard not to reminisce about the times you played those games. Well here is another classic that never really left. There are Frogger desktop gadgets that really bring out the once popular arcade game. Everyone has played Frogger at one time or another. It is a fairly simple game that players of all ages can play, and it is very friendly family. What could be better than sharing an old favorite game with your kids on a desktop gadget? You never know they might just like it as much as you do.

Desktop Gadgets - Move The Hopping Frogger

Remember the once top of the line graphics that were used for Frogger? How the frogs were flattened when hit by a car, and again when eaten by an alligator. Those were the good old simple times. Now you can play that simple game again as a desktop gadget. The rules of the game are still the same; get your frogs to safety! Jump across the roads using the directional keys, navigate the logs the cross the river and be sure to avoid all cars and alligators! Land in a spot with a fly and get yourself an added bonus. This desktop toy is bound to be a family favorite.

iPhone Apps - Frogger

That’s right the classic game Frogger has been revamped to be played on your iPhone. This game costs as little as 99 cents and it is yours. There are many different modes to play in such as classic arcade, turbo, nighttime and inferno. You are still dodging cars, logs, turtles and alligators as you try to cross little Frogger over to the other side. The graphics have been upgraded but there is an option to stick to the classic graphics. You can even connect your game with your Facebook so you can post your scores and challenge your friends. You even have the ability to gain achievements in the game to get more out of the game. So sit down, take a deep breath and go.

Desktop Gadgets And iPhone Apps

Frogger is a great game to play either old school on a desktop gadget or new school on an iPhone app. With the desktop gadget you are going to experience more of the older models of Frogger. The desktop gadget gives Frogger the orginal computer form of using directional keys to get across the traffic and logs. iPhone offers new levels and ways to play, and the graphics have been amped. You can also include your score on your Facebook page. So it all comes down to this one question, do you want to play old school style, on a desktop gadget or new amped up super Frogger style, on an iPhone?

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